Fruity “meat” curry (Cameroon)

Tweet Cameroon is a country in Central Africa, with some coastline too. It houses well over 200 different linguistic groups. A former colony of Germany, after World War II it was divided between France and Britain, uniting again in 1972. The country got its name from Portuguese, though, from Camarões meaning shrimp. Corruption and human […]

Mashed sweet potatoes with roasted garlic (Virgin Islands)

Tweet Virgin Islands are a part of the Lesser Antilles, which form the border between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. They were originally named by Columbus, after a Catholic legend. The eastern islands form the British Virgin Islands and the western ones form the United States Virgin Islands (which used to belong to […]

Curried sweet potato and pea soup (Uganda)

Tweet Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa, unfortunately mostly known for negative things like the past dictator Idi Amin, recent not-so-fair elections, and the current ban on homosexuality, with even plans to introduce death penalty for it. Even now gays are shunned in the media and often killed. Despite these atrocities, Uganda has […]

Daraba, or peanut buttery vegetable stew (Chad)

Tweet Chad is a large landlocked country in Central Africa. It is one of the poorest and most corrupted countries of the world and most Westerners probably know nothing about it. As is common in Africa, it is home to over 200 ethnic groups and like many African countries, it unfortunately has a history of […]

Tongabezi “chicken” curry (Zambia)

Tweet Zambia is a fairly large landlocked country in Southern central Africa. Besides 12 million people it hosts some stunning landscapes, particularly the Victoria falls (named by David Livingstone), often counted in the “seven natural wonders of the world”. Zambia used to be a part of United Kingdom until it gained independence in 1964. While […]

Vegetable soup with grains and chickpeas (Angola)

Tweet Angola is a large country on the south-central coast of Africa. Until 1975 it was a territory of Portugal and as a result the population is largely Portuguese-speaking and Catholic country, although Bantu languages and indigenous religions also form large minorities. After Angola gained independence there was a civil war lasting until 2002 and […]

Ducuna, or boiled sweet potato cakes (Antigua and Barbuda)

Tweet Antigua and Barbuda is a small island republic in the Caribbean. Besides its main namesake islands, it consists of several smaller ones. It is one of the smallest countries of the world and has less than 100,000 inhabitants. It is, however, a popular tourist destination, especially owing to its beaches. Antigua and Barbuda is […]

Sweet potato and lemon cookies (Zimbabwe)

Tweet Again sorry for not posting, blah blah blah. Not only have I been very busy with the move, I have also lost my cooking mojo. The selection of fresh veg and fruit is just so amazing and cheap here in Amsterdam compared to Finland (e.g. fresh green beans are 1/10 of the price!) that […]

Tempeh rendang (Malaysia)

Tweet “If there were a Cuban food & Thai food soft focus, falling-in-love montage, Malaysian food would be that montage. In my mouf.” said @ckwinny on Twitter yesterday. The idea of Cuban cuisine meets Thai cuisine seems a bit weird to me, but living in Asia perhaps she has a better idea of it than […]

Sweet potato pone (Belize)

Tweet Belize is a tiny country located in Central America, neighbouring Mexico and Guatemala. According to Wikipedia Belizeans eat a lot of chicken and fish, as well as the traditional Latin American staples like beans, cassava, bananas, plantains and coconut. “I had no idea Belizean cuisine even existed”, said a friend when I mentioned this […]