Molokhia, or jute leaf stew (Jordan)

Tweet Jordan is a small country in the Middle East, known for its hospitality in e.g. receiving refugees from nearby countries (Iraq and Syria). It is a fairly rich country with a very high life expectancy and is considered the safest arab/Middle Eastern country, and even one of the safest in the world. Muslims form […]

Le chou au beurre, or “buttered” cabbage (Mauritius)

Tweet Mauritius is a small island nation located in the southeast coast of Africa, a bit further away than Madagascar. There are a little over a million inhabitants, who are mostly a mix of Indian and African descents who speak Mauritian Creole, English and French. Hindus and catholics both make up about 35% of people […]

Seitan and vegetable stew (Argentina)

Tweet Sorry again for the delay between postings. It’s been crazy in this household – we got married last week (there are photos and videos in case you’re interested and I will probably write an article about holding a vegan wedding later) and we are moving to the Netherlands in two weeks. So, not much […]

Quinoa soup (Ecuador)

Tweet Ecuador is a small country in the North-Eastern part of South America. As you can guess, the name comes from the Equator, which is why I always try to write it with a q Ecuador is probably best known for the Galápagos islands, the home to giant tortoises and other memorable animals. Last year […]

Wake-ewa, or black-eyed bean stew (Nigeria)

Tweet Nigeria is an African country that sadly is best known for the phishing letters associated with it. Like in many African countries Nigerian cuisine uses rice, corn, millet, peanuts, yams (which are not the same as sweet potatoes!), beans, coconut, herbs and spices, including chili. Beans and starches are often formed into pastes, mashes […]

Welcome to Vegventures! Kaalilaatikko, or cabbage stew (Finland)

Tweet Welcome to Vegventures! We are going to start the journey from my “home country” of Finland (quotes because I’ve never felt at home here). Finland has a very bland and uninspiring cuisine heavily oriented around meat and potatoes. Besides the lack of veggies another downer is the scarcity of spices. Most dishes have just […]