Roosamanna, or whipped semolina and cranberry pudding (Estonia)

Tweet Estonia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It only has a population of some 1.3 million people, one of the lowest in EU. Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union from World War II until the fall of the Soviet Union, but nowadays is very much a Western country with […]

Kutia wigilijna, or Christmas wheat pudding with poppy seed (Poland)

Tweet Poland is a large country in Central Europe, located by the Baltic Sea. It has several mountainous areas and even one of the five deserts in Europe. About 1/3 of the country is covered by forest. Poland is an important agricultural producer of potatoes, rye, triticale and sugar beets. It has a very healthy […]

Arroz con leche, or lemon-flavoured rice pudding (Portugal)

Tweet Neighboured by Spain, Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe. It has had a number of colonies in its history. Most people know that Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, but also in some African and Asian countries such as Angola and East Timor. Still, unlike most former colonial powers, Portugal remains rather homogenic religion […]

Sweet potato pone (Belize)

Tweet Belize is a tiny country located in Central America, neighbouring Mexico and Guatemala. According to Wikipedia Belizeans eat a lot of chicken and fish, as well as the traditional Latin American staples like beans, cassava, bananas, plantains and coconut. “I had no idea Belizean cuisine even existed”, said a friend when I mentioned this […]