Molokhia, or jute leaf stew (Jordan)

Tweet Jordan is a small country in the Middle East, known for its hospitality in e.g. receiving refugees from nearby countries (Iraq and Syria). It is a fairly rich country with a very high life expectancy and is considered the safest arab/Middle Eastern country, and even one of the safest in the world. Muslims form […]

Crnogorska corba od kopriva, or nettle soup (Montenegro)

Tweet Montenegro is a country in the Balkan, formerly a part of Yugoslavia. It has a fairly low population, only 620,000 people. After dissolution of Yugoslavia it remained in union with Serbia and only gained independence in 2006. Montenegro is perhaps best known for its mountains and mountainous regions. It is also a highly biodiverse […]

Stir fried kang kong (water spinach) with spices (East Timor)

Tweet East Timor (or Timor-Leste) is a small country located in Southeast Asia, formerly a part of Indonesia, which consists of several small islands, the Eastern half of the Timor island and a small enclave on the Western side, which belongs to Indonesia. It gained independence in May 2002, after a bloody conflict with Indonesia […]

Daraba, or peanut buttery vegetable stew (Chad)

Tweet Chad is a large landlocked country in Central Africa. It is one of the poorest and most corrupted countries of the world and most Westerners probably know nothing about it. As is common in Africa, it is home to over 200 ethnic groups and like many African countries, it unfortunately has a history of […]

Yu lan cao yu song, or “fish” with kale (Hong Kong)

Tweet Hong Kong is a “special administrative region” of China, together with Macau. This tiny state boasts seven million people, so it’s not surprising it is known for its skyscrapers. Because of the dense population more than 90 % of people travel by public transport, more than in anywhere else in the world. The name […]

Tukpa, or spicy noodle and vegetable soup (Tibet)

Tweet Oh boy. Life has been busy. Interesting but busy. My first novel will be out soon, so a lot of work with proofs, promotion, etc. And I signed a contract for a food-related book (partially also a vegan cookbook!) which will be out next year. Quite excited about both! Unfortunately for most of you, […]

Sauce légume, or greens in tomato sauce with tahini (Benin)

Tweet Benin is a fairly small country in West Africa, neighboured by Nigeria, Niger, Togo and Burkina Faso, with only little coastline. Owing to its colonial history it is mainly a French, Roman Catholic country, but significant language and religious minorities also exist, including Vodun. Considering how poor it is, Benin is in a fairly […]

Colcannon, or mashed potatoes with kale (Ireland)

Tweet Ireland is one of the largest islands in the world. The northern tip of it belongs to the United Kingdom while the rest forms the Republic of Ireland. Besides English many Irish people also speak Irish, but it is no longer the main language. Ireland has a distinctive culture (much more than just beer, […]

Spinach and tangerine soup (Lesotho)

Tweet Lesotho is a small landlocked country which is also an enclave – meaning it is located inside the borders of another country, in this case South Africa. It is hard to find information about its cuisine, but Wikia Recipes Wiki says this: “Lesotho cuisine resulted from a blend of many cultures such as European, […]

Aloo saag, or potatoes and spinach (India)

Tweet I’ve loved Indian food since a very young age and cook it often. My spice cupboard has loads of Indian spices most of my friends have never even heard of. As such it was seemed hard and unfair to choose just one vegan Indian dish to feature in Vegventures. In the end, the choice […]