Roosamanna, or whipped semolina and cranberry pudding (Estonia)

Tweet Estonia is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It only has a population of some 1.3 million people, one of the lowest in EU. Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union from World War II until the fall of the Soviet Union, but nowadays is very much a Western country with […]

Kutia wigilijna, or Christmas wheat pudding with poppy seed (Poland)

Tweet Poland is a large country in Central Europe, located by the Baltic Sea. It has several mountainous areas and even one of the five deserts in Europe. About 1/3 of the country is covered by forest. Poland is an important agricultural producer of potatoes, rye, triticale and sugar beets. It has a very healthy […]

Ceebu jen, or spicy stuffed “fish”, vegetables and rice (Senegal)

Tweet Senegal is a country in the very west of Africa, which completely surrounds the tiny Gambia, save for its tiny coastline. Sometimes the countries are called “Senegambia”. Owing to its colonial past most of the people speak French (besides African languages), but almost all are Muslims. In the west Senegal is probably best known […]

Black-eyed bean soup (Trinidad)

Tweet Trinidad is the larger of the two main islands that form the Trinidad and Tobago, located just a few kilometers off the coast of Venezuela. The name, given by Columbus, means “trinity” in Spanish. It used to be a British colony until gaining independence in 1962. Only about 60,000 of its about one million […]

Vegetable soup with grains and chickpeas (Angola)

Tweet Angola is a large country on the south-central coast of Africa. Until 1975 it was a territory of Portugal and as a result the population is largely Portuguese-speaking and Catholic country, although Bantu languages and indigenous religions also form large minorities. After Angola gained independence there was a civil war lasting until 2002 and […]

Rūpjmaizes kārtojums, or layered rye bread dessert (Latvia)

Tweet Latvia is a fairly small and sparsely populated ex-Soviet country located in the Baltic region, between Estonia and Lithuania. Lithuanian and Latvian are the only Baltic languages remaining in the world. Latvian food is similar to that in other Baltic and Northern European countries with some Russian and German influences. Focus is on meat, […]

Quinoa soup (Ecuador)

Tweet Ecuador is a small country in the North-Eastern part of South America. As you can guess, the name comes from the Equator, which is why I always try to write it with a q Ecuador is probably best known for the Galápagos islands, the home to giant tortoises and other memorable animals. Last year […]

Ployes, or buckwheat pancakes (Canada)

Tweet This recipe comes from Jennifer McCann’s cookbook Vegan Lunch Box Around the World of which I recently received a review copy. It is a great book (though I almost prefer the original Vegan Lunch Box which contains many classical recipes) and I will certainly be using it for future Vegventures. Don’t forget to read […]

Welcome to Vegventures! Kaalilaatikko, or cabbage stew (Finland)

Tweet Welcome to Vegventures! We are going to start the journey from my “home country” of Finland (quotes because I’ve never felt at home here). Finland has a very bland and uninspiring cuisine heavily oriented around meat and potatoes. Besides the lack of veggies another downer is the scarcity of spices. Most dishes have just […]