Edkij sous shashlyka, or fruity dipping sauce (Uzbekistan)

Tweet Uzbekistan is a former Soviet state, now an independent Turkic state, a double-landlocked country (only surrounded by other landlocked countries) and the most populous country (over 27 million people) in Central Asia. The climate has significant temperature variation with summers being as warm as 40C (104F) and winters as cool as -23C (-9F). Numbers […]

Armjanskij sup chechevicy, or lentil soup with dried apricots (Armenia)

Tweet Armenia is a small landlocked country located in the Caucasus that used to be a part of the Soviet Union. It is usually considered to be a part of Asia, but sometimes counted in Europe as well (e.g. Wikipedia lists it as a “bicontinental country” and it is also a member of the Council […]

Seitan and vegetable stew (Argentina)

Tweet Sorry again for the delay between postings. It’s been crazy in this household – we got married last week (there are photos and videos in case you’re interested and I will probably write an article about holding a vegan wedding later) and we are moving to the Netherlands in two weeks. So, not much […]

Spinach and tangerine soup (Lesotho)

Tweet Lesotho is a small landlocked country which is also an enclave – meaning it is located inside the borders of another country, in this case South Africa. It is hard to find information about its cuisine, but Wikia Recipes Wiki says this: “Lesotho cuisine resulted from a blend of many cultures such as European, […]

Braised red cabbage (Germany)

Tweet Germany is pretty much one of my food nightmare places, sorry Germans, and it’s not just because of the meat/sausage culture. Yes, Finnish food is horrible too, but at least we have some decent foods, like bread. When I travelled in Germany a few years ago, I struggled to find anything tasty. Even things […]

Ash-e anar, split pea and pomegranate soup (Persia)

Tweet Persian (or Iranian) dishes often feature fruits, either fresh and dried, spices and herbs, which suits me great. I’m a big fan of pomegranate, so ash-e anar found its way to my browser’s bookmarks as soon as I first heard about it. It is a split pea soup with herbs and pomegranate molasses (or […]