Porotos con rienda, or bean and pumpkin soup (Chile)

Tweet Located in the South of South America, Chile is the most elongated country in the world, being 4,300 kilometers long but on average just 175 km wide. It houses a variety of different climates from rainy temperate areas to glaciers and the driest desert in the world, Atacama. It is one of the most […]

Dominican beans (Dominican Republic)

Tweet I have to confess that only after I had cooked this dish I found out that besides Dominican Republic, there is also a country called Dominica. The adjective “Dominican” can refer to both (though according to Wikipedia it is pronounced in a different way!) so I’m not sure whether this dish is supposedly from […]

Wake-ewa, or black-eyed bean stew (Nigeria)

Tweet Nigeria is an African country that sadly is best known for the phishing letters associated with it. Like in many African countries Nigerian cuisine uses rice, corn, millet, peanuts, yams (which are not the same as sweet potatoes!), beans, coconut, herbs and spices, including chili. Beans and starches are often formed into pastes, mashes […]

Bean salad (Uruguay)

Tweet The Uruguayan cuisine has been heavily influenced by the Mediterranean ones. Other influences include Germany, Russia (and other countries nearby it) and Africa. Who would have thought? Popular foods in Uruguay include sausages, steaks, pies, pastries, barbeques and some Italian foods like pastas, polenta, pizza and farinata – the latter two peculiarly even together! […]