Tukpa, or spicy noodle and vegetable soup (Tibet)

Tweet Oh boy. Life has been busy. Interesting but busy. My first novel will be out soon, so a lot of work with proofs, promotion, etc. And I signed a contract for a food-related book (partially also a vegan cookbook!) which will be out next year. Quite excited about both! Unfortunately for most of you, […]

Vegetable soup with grains and chickpeas (Angola)

Tweet Angola is a large country on the south-central coast of Africa. Until 1975 it was a territory of Portugal and as a result the population is largely Portuguese-speaking and Catholic country, although Bantu languages and indigenous religions also form large minorities. After Angola gained independence there was a civil war lasting until 2002 and […]

Porotos con rienda, or bean and pumpkin soup (Chile)

Tweet Located in the South of South America, Chile is the most elongated country in the world, being 4,300 kilometers long but on average just 175 km wide. It houses a variety of different climates from rainy temperate areas to glaciers and the driest desert in the world, Atacama. It is one of the most […]

Armjanskij sup chechevicy, or lentil soup with dried apricots (Armenia)

Tweet Armenia is a small landlocked country located in the Caucasus that used to be a part of the Soviet Union. It is usually considered to be a part of Asia, but sometimes counted in Europe as well (e.g. Wikipedia lists it as a “bicontinental country” and it is also a member of the Council […]

Seitan and vegetable stew (Argentina)

Tweet Sorry again for the delay between postings. It’s been crazy in this household – we got married last week (there are photos and videos in case you’re interested and I will probably write an article about holding a vegan wedding later) and we are moving to the Netherlands in two weeks. So, not much […]

Dominican beans (Dominican Republic)

Tweet I have to confess that only after I had cooked this dish I found out that besides Dominican Republic, there is also a country called Dominica. The adjective “Dominican” can refer to both (though according to Wikipedia it is pronounced in a different way!) so I’m not sure whether this dish is supposedly from […]

Spinach and tangerine soup (Lesotho)

Tweet Lesotho is a small landlocked country which is also an enclave – meaning it is located inside the borders of another country, in this case South Africa. It is hard to find information about its cuisine, but Wikia Recipes Wiki says this: “Lesotho cuisine resulted from a blend of many cultures such as European, […]

Witloofsoep, or Belgian endive soup (Belgium)

Tweet Belgian cuisine is not particularly famous save for its chocolates, but one thing you can buy everywhere in Belgium (and the Netherlands) is French fries. Besides ketchup they are eaten with mayo, various mayo-based sauces and a psychedelic variety of other sauces people in most other countries would never think of eating with fries. […]

Quinoa soup (Ecuador)

Tweet Ecuador is a small country in the North-Eastern part of South America. As you can guess, the name comes from the Equator, which is why I always try to write it with a q Ecuador is probably best known for the Galápagos islands, the home to giant tortoises and other memorable animals. Last year […]

Wake-ewa, or black-eyed bean stew (Nigeria)

Tweet Nigeria is an African country that sadly is best known for the phishing letters associated with it. Like in many African countries Nigerian cuisine uses rice, corn, millet, peanuts, yams (which are not the same as sweet potatoes!), beans, coconut, herbs and spices, including chili. Beans and starches are often formed into pastes, mashes […]