Bánh xèo, or mung bean crêpes stuffed with tofu, vegetables and herbs (Vietnam)

Tweet Vietnam is a quite long but mostly very narrow country located in the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. A former colony of France, the country suffered a a war from the 1950s/1960s until 1975, which killed millions of people, also many in the neighbouring countries. (For some reasons, many Americans think the U.S. “won” […]

‘Ataif, or sweet pancake pockets stuffed with walnuts (Palestine)

Tweet Palestine. What can one say about Palestine without opening a can of worms? Probably nothing, seeing as a large part of the world’s countries don’t recognize the independence of this Middle Eastern state. Besides the current, contested area (which refers to two separate geographical areas, West Bank and the Gaza Strip, inside of Israel, […]

Draniki, or mushroom filled potato pancakes (Belarus)

Tweet Belarus is a landlocked former Soviet state in Eastern Europe. The name of the country (also in several other countries) means “White Russia”, though its origins are not completely clear. They have had the same president Alexander Lukashenko since 1994, as he has won the latest four elections. He is often referred to in […]

Ployes, or buckwheat pancakes (Canada)

Tweet This recipe comes from Jennifer McCann’s cookbook Vegan Lunch Box Around the World of which I recently received a review copy. It is a great book (though I almost prefer the original Vegan Lunch Box which contains many classical recipes) and I will certainly be using it for future Vegventures. Don’t forget to read […]

Okonomiyaki, vegetable pancake with tun-peh (Japan)

Tweet It wasn’t easy to choose a Japanese dish to feature. There are so many enticing options containing tofu, vegetables, seaweed… I only knew I didn’t want to go for sushi or miso soup – too common. I had bought some fancy-colored green tea noodles and thought maybe I’d cook something for them, but in […]