Torta pisticcina, or gluten-free chestnut flour tart (Corsica)

Tweet Corsica is a fairly large, mountainous island on the Mediterranean. It belongs to France as a “territorial collectivity”, which means it has some autonomy. Historically it was more closely connected to Italy (which is closer to it than France) and the culture still retains elements from this connection. Corsica is probably most famous for […]

Papaya bread (Hawaii)

Tweet Hawaii is a state of the United States (since 1959), but since it’s so far from the mainland both geographically and culturally it gets its own entry. It is an archipelago of hundreds of volcanic islands, of which the eight are known as the main islands. Only about 10 % of the people are […]

Sweet potato and lemon cookies (Zimbabwe)

Tweet Again sorry for not posting, blah blah blah. Not only have I been very busy with the move, I have also lost my cooking mojo. The selection of fresh veg and fruit is just so amazing and cheap here in Amsterdam compared to Finland (e.g. fresh green beans are 1/10 of the price!) that […]

Kaak lebi hilw, or orange biscuits (Libya)

Tweet Libya is a large country in North Africa. Their cuisine mixes Arabian and Mediterranean influences similar to other North African cuisines, with some Italian twists. Like in some other African (and South American) countries that have been Italy’s colonies pasta dishes are popular. One of the most popular dishes is bazin, some kind of […]

Sopa paraguaya, or “cheesy” cornbread (Paraguay)

Tweet It takes a bit of madness to consider veganizing a recipe for a baked good that not only contains loads of (separated) eggs, but also plenty of cheese, both soft and hard (there are no decent vegan cheeses sold in Finland, besides a powdered “Cheddar” and “Parmesan” only ones that taste horrible and are […]

ANZAC biscuits (New Zealand)

Tweet New Zealand and Australia don’t have that many interesting culinary traditions. Pavlova is a famous dessert originating from the region, but being meringue-based it is difficult (although not impossible) to veganize. Still, I might be tempted to to try it in the future. I’d have liked to try something from Maori cuisine, but couldn’t […]