Kugel, or sweet noodle casserole (Jewish)

Tweet Judaism has a country, kind of – there are slightly more Jews living outside of Israel than in there – but Israeli cuisine is not the same as Jewish cuisine. The latter of course has geographical differences and some Jewish specialties only exist in one area. Judaism is considered a religion, but it’s also […]

St. Catherine’s taffy (Quebec)

Tweet Quebec is the second largest province in Canada and essentially a country of its own, French-speaking, mostly Catholic and culturally different from the rest of Canada. Many Quebecers would like it to be independent, but so far the idea has been turned down in referendums. If it was a country, it would be a […]

Ployes, or buckwheat pancakes (Canada)

Tweet This recipe comes from Jennifer McCann’s cookbook Vegan Lunch Box Around the World of which I recently received a review copy. It is a great book (though I almost prefer the original Vegan Lunch Box which contains many classical recipes) and I will certainly be using it for future Vegventures. Don’t forget to read […]