Goodbye Vegventures

With heavy heart I must announce the end of this blog, at least for now, but probably permanently. Until a few weeks ago I still hoped to continue the culinaristic journey around the world to its end (provided that I lived that long, which is far from a given), and I had many already chosen recipes still remaining. But the massive organ damage that other people have intentionally caused me is forcing me to stop. (Because of earlier malicious sabotage of similar kind, my vegan cookbook, for which I already signed a contract for in 2011, was also never published.)

I also lost access to the Vegventures Twitter account several weeks ago, because Twitter decided there was “suspicious” activity, and has not replied to my queries. If that happened to any of my primary Twitter accounts I be fighting back, but there’s no energy left to dedicate to this.

The blog will remain here as an archive of international recipes.


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