Halushky, or potato dumplings (Ukraine)

Tweet Ukraine is a large country in the Central/East Europe by the Black Sea, until 1991 a part of the Soviet Union. The Eastern Orthodox Christianity has heavily influenced the architecture, literature and music. Ukraine is sadly mostly known for negative things, like the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 and the 2006 Orange revolution after […]

Khagina, or spicy scrambled “eggs” with tomatoes and onion (Pakistan)

Tweet With almost 180 million inhabitans Pakistan is one of the most populous countries of the world. Considering that fairly little is known about it in the west, save for its nuclear weapons and it being a neighbour of India. Disputes over some areas have led to wars between India and Pakistan. There have been […]

Djibouti lentils (Djibouti)

Tweet Djibouti is a tiny country in the Horn of Africa, mostly consisting of stony semidesert, with a population of less than a million. It used to belong to France and still maintains close relations to France. French is the official language and the currency is known as the Djibouti Franc. It is, however, also […]