Lechona Tolimense, or stuffed “pork” skin (Colombia)

Tweet Yes, today’s recipe is vegan “pork” skin filled with “pork”. More about that below. Colombia is a large country in the northwestern South America. Considering that it houses almost 50 million inhabitants I’d say it is very poorly known here in Europe, compared to other Latin American countries. Ethnically it is very diverse and […]

Halva de floarea soarelui, or sunflower seed halva (Romania)

Tweet Romania is a large country bordering (somewhat) the Black Sea. The name comes from a Latin word meaning “the citizen of Rome”. Not surprisingly, the Romanian language is also a Romance language, linguistically quite close to French and Italian. Romania has one of the largest areas of undisturbed forests in Europe with about half […]

Ceebu jen, or spicy stuffed “fish”, vegetables and rice (Senegal)

Tweet Senegal is a country in the very west of Africa, which completely surrounds the tiny Gambia, save for its tiny coastline. Sometimes the countries are called “Senegambia”. Owing to its colonial past most of the people speak French (besides African languages), but almost all are Muslims. In the west Senegal is probably best known […]