Papaya bread (Hawaii)

Tweet Hawaii is a state of the United States (since 1959), but since it’s so far from the mainland both geographically and culturally it gets its own entry. It is an archipelago of hundreds of volcanic islands, of which the eight are known as the main islands. Only about 10 % of the people are […]

Tavë me presh, or leek casserole (Albania)

Tweet Albania is a country located in the Balkan region of Southern Europe. It has gone many different types of reigns since gaining independence in 1912, being occupied by both Germany and Italy in the second World War. After almost 50 years of communism it has been a republic (a parliamentary democracy) since 1992. Albania […]

Yu lan cao yu song, or “fish” with kale (Hong Kong)

Tweet Hong Kong is a “special administrative region” of China, together with Macau. This tiny state boasts seven million people, so it’s not surprising it is known for its skyscrapers. Because of the dense population more than 90 % of people travel by public transport, more than in anywhere else in the world. The name […]