Black-eyed beans with coconut and cilantro (Tanzania)

Tweet Tanzania is a fairly large country in East Africa, which is thought to be the earliest areas inhabited by humans and prehuman hominids, as far as two million years ago. Like many African countries, it gained independence (from the UK) in the early 1960s, as two separate countries, Zanzibar and Tanganyika, which merged soon […]

Croquette de marron, or sweet chestnut croquettes (Luxembourg)

Tweet Luxembourg is a member of the Benelux countries along with the Belgium and the Netherlands. It is among the smallest countries in the world (definitely among those that are real countries – as in not Vatican and such – and are not island nations). It’s also the world’s only remaining sovereign grand duchy, which […]

Sauce pois, or pureed spiced beans (Haiti)

Tweet Most people only know Haiti as the location of the tragic earthquake in early 2010, and that it is a very poor country, the poorest country in the Americas. It is located in the same island of Hispaniola as Dominican republic. It was the first independent country in Latin America and the first black-led […]