“Carne” Mechada, or seitan and black beans in tomato sauce (Venezuela)

Tweet Venezuela is located in the north of South America. It was the first permanent settlement of the Spanish in South America, but gained its independence as early as 1821 thanks to the revolutionary Simón Bolïvar. He lended his name to Bolivia, but also remains in the official name of Venezuela, the Bolivarian Republic of […]

Tongabezi “chicken” curry (Zambia)

Tweet Zambia is a fairly large landlocked country in Southern central Africa. Besides 12 million people it hosts some stunning landscapes, particularly the Victoria falls (named by David Livingstone), often counted in the “seven natural wonders of the world”. Zambia used to be a part of United Kingdom until it gained independence in 1964. While […]

Welsh rarebit, or warm “cheese” sandwich (Wales)

Tweet Wales is a country that belongs to the United Kingdom, on the west coast of Great Britain. It is a mountainous area and one of the wettest countries in Europe. About 20% of its three million inhabitants speak Welsh – which is also spoken in a small part of Argentina, thanks to Welsh settlers. […]