Colcannon, or mashed potatoes with kale (Ireland)

Tweet Ireland is one of the largest islands in the world. The northern tip of it belongs to the United Kingdom while the rest forms the Republic of Ireland. Besides English many Irish people also speak Irish, but it is no longer the main language. Ireland has a distinctive culture (much more than just beer, […]

Vegetable soup with grains and chickpeas (Angola)

Tweet Angola is a large country on the south-central coast of Africa. Until 1975 it was a territory of Portugal and as a result the population is largely Portuguese-speaking and Catholic country, although Bantu languages and indigenous religions also form large minorities. After Angola gained independence there was a civil war lasting until 2002 and […]

Ducuna, or boiled sweet potato cakes (Antigua and Barbuda)

Tweet Antigua and Barbuda is a small island republic in the Caribbean. Besides its main namesake islands, it consists of several smaller ones. It is one of the smallest countries of the world and has less than 100,000 inhabitants. It is, however, a popular tourist destination, especially owing to its beaches. Antigua and Barbuda is […]