Edkij sous shashlyka, or fruity dipping sauce (Uzbekistan)

Tweet Uzbekistan is a former Soviet state, now an independent Turkic state, a double-landlocked country (only surrounded by other landlocked countries) and the most populous country (over 27 million people) in Central Asia. The climate has significant temperature variation with summers being as warm as 40C (104F) and winters as cool as -23C (-9F). Numbers […]

Gooda cheez (The Netherlands)

Tweet The Netherlands is a fairly small but densely populated country in Western Europe. It is often called Holland, even though technically Holland is just one part of it. Together with the neighbouring Belgium and Luxemburg the trio is often known as Benelux countries. The Netherlands has a high standard of living and has the […]

Le chou au beurre, or “buttered” cabbage (Mauritius)

Tweet Mauritius is a small island nation located in the southeast coast of Africa, a bit further away than Madagascar. There are a little over a million inhabitants, who are mostly a mix of Indian and African descents who speak Mauritian Creole, English and French. Hindus and catholics both make up about 35% of people […]