Lefse, or thin potato pancakes (Norway)

Tweet When thinking about the cuisine of Norway, at least here in Finland people will think fish, especially cod. It’s kind of a running joke that Norwegians only eat cod. They also eat a lot of other meats (especially reindeer and other kinds of game), bread, dairy products and wild berries and are the heaviest […]

Dominican beans (Dominican Republic)

Tweet I have to confess that only after I had cooked this dish I found out that besides Dominican Republic, there is also a country called Dominica. The adjective “Dominican” can refer to both (though according to Wikipedia it is pronounced in a different way!) so I’m not sure whether this dish is supposedly from […]

Spinach and tangerine soup (Lesotho)

Tweet Lesotho is a small landlocked country which is also an enclave – meaning it is located inside the borders of another country, in this case South Africa. It is hard to find information about its cuisine, but Wikia Recipes Wiki says this: “Lesotho cuisine resulted from a blend of many cultures such as European, […]