“Beef” and mushroom tshoem (Bhutan)

Tweet Bhutan is a tiny landlocked country in Asia located between China and India. The population is less than one million and very few news from the country ever make it to the Western world. Bhutanese cuisine is largely based around red rice, buckwheat and maize, as well as various kinds of meats from yak […]

Witloofsoep, or Belgian endive soup (Belgium)

Tweet Belgian cuisine is not particularly famous save for its chocolates, but one thing you can buy everywhere in Belgium (and the Netherlands) is French fries. Besides ketchup they are eaten with mayo, various mayo-based sauces and a psychedelic variety of other sauces people in most other countries would never think of eating with fries. […]

Kaak lebi hilw, or orange biscuits (Libya)

Tweet Libya is a large country in North Africa. Their cuisine mixes Arabian and Mediterranean influences similar to other North African cuisines, with some Italian twists. Like in some other African (and South American) countries that have been Italy’s colonies pasta dishes are popular. One of the most popular dishes is bazin, some kind of […]