Quinoa soup (Ecuador)

Tweet Ecuador is a small country in the North-Eastern part of South America. As you can guess, the name comes from the Equator, which is why I always try to write it with a q Ecuador is probably best known for the Galápagos islands, the home to giant tortoises and other memorable animals. Last year […]

Aloo saag, or potatoes and spinach (India)

Tweet I’ve loved Indian food since a very young age and cook it often. My spice cupboard has loads of Indian spices most of my friends have never even heard of. As such it was seemed hard and unfair to choose just one vegan Indian dish to feature in Vegventures. In the end, the choice […]

Irio, or mashed potatoes with peas and corn (Kenya)

Tweet Kenya is a country in East Africa, which also has some coastline. Popular ingredients in Kenyan cuisine include fish, millet, sorghum, greens, taro, cassava, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkin sweet potatoes, and black-eyed beans. Meat has apparently been traditionally reserved for special occasions. Some of the food can be quite spicy similar to Indian food and […]

Sopa paraguaya, or “cheesy” cornbread (Paraguay)

Tweet It takes a bit of madness to consider veganizing a recipe for a baked good that not only contains loads of (separated) eggs, but also plenty of cheese, both soft and hard (there are no decent vegan cheeses sold in Finland, besides a powdered “Cheddar” and “Parmesan” only ones that taste horrible and are […]