Tempeh rendang (Malaysia)

Tweet “If there were a Cuban food & Thai food soft focus, falling-in-love montage, Malaysian food would be that montage. In my mouf.” said @ckwinny on Twitter yesterday. The idea of Cuban cuisine meets Thai cuisine seems a bit weird to me, but living in Asia perhaps she has a better idea of it than […]

Ployes, or buckwheat pancakes (Canada)

Tweet This recipe comes from Jennifer McCann’s cookbook Vegan Lunch Box Around the World of which I recently received a review copy. It is a great book (though I almost prefer the original Vegan Lunch Box which contains many classical recipes) and I will certainly be using it for future Vegventures. Don’t forget to read […]

Wake-ewa, or black-eyed bean stew (Nigeria)

Tweet Nigeria is an African country that sadly is best known for the phishing letters associated with it. Like in many African countries Nigerian cuisine uses rice, corn, millet, peanuts, yams (which are not the same as sweet potatoes!), beans, coconut, herbs and spices, including chili. Beans and starches are often formed into pastes, mashes […]

Braised red cabbage (Germany)

Tweet Germany is pretty much one of my food nightmare places, sorry Germans, and it’s not just because of the meat/sausage culture. Yes, Finnish food is horrible too, but at least we have some decent foods, like bread. When I travelled in Germany a few years ago, I struggled to find anything tasty. Even things […]

Sinigang sa sampalok, or sour tamarind soup (Philippines)

Tweet Philippine cuisine mostly consists of meaty and fishy dishes, with some Spanish influences. Americans are probably most familiar with adobo, a garlicky sauce which is used in canned chipotles (smoked chili) and by the way isn’t available here in Finland, often causing me grief with some recipes. Another famous dish is sinigang, a sour […]