Bean salad (Uruguay)

Tweet The Uruguayan cuisine has been heavily influenced by the Mediterranean ones. Other influences include Germany, Russia (and other countries nearby it) and Africa. Who would have thought? Popular foods in Uruguay include sausages, steaks, pies, pastries, barbeques and some Italian foods like pastas, polenta, pizza and farinata – the latter two peculiarly even together! […]

ANZAC biscuits (New Zealand)

Tweet New Zealand and Australia don’t have that many interesting culinary traditions. Pavlova is a famous dessert originating from the region, but being meringue-based it is difficult (although not impossible) to veganize. Still, I might be tempted to to try it in the future. I’d have liked to try something from Maori cuisine, but couldn’t […]

Smørrebrød, or sandwiches with vegan “leverpostej” and “Havarti” (Denmark)

Tweet I’ve been to Denmark multiple times, though it’s been over a decade since the last time. The last time I attended a family party. Instead of cake the centerpiece of the food table was some kind of a roast, served with red cabbage and I think some kind of potatoes. The Danes like to […]

Sweet potato pone (Belize)

Tweet Belize is a tiny country located in Central America, neighbouring Mexico and Guatemala. According to Wikipedia Belizeans eat a lot of chicken and fish, as well as the traditional Latin American staples like beans, cassava, bananas, plantains and coconut. “I had no idea Belizean cuisine even existed”, said a friend when I mentioned this […]