Okonomiyaki, vegetable pancake with tun-peh (Japan)

Tweet It wasn’t easy to choose a Japanese dish to feature. There are so many enticing options containing tofu, vegetables, seaweed… I only knew I didn’t want to go for sushi or miso soup – too common. I had bought some fancy-colored green tea noodles and thought maybe I’d cook something for them, but in […]

Mujaddara, or lentils and rice with caramelized onion (Egypt)

Tweet Mujaddara is eaten in several Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean and North-African countries. A funny fact is that in some countries it’s known as “megadarra”, which in colloquial Finnish would translate to a massive hangover! Other spellings include moujadara, mujadhara, mujadarra, moukentra, moujendra, mejadra and mudardara. Mujaddara couldn’t really be simpler: it’s just rice, lentils, onion and […]

Krautfleckerl, or noodles and cabbage (Austria)

Tweet Yes, I’m cooking cabbage again. And all you cabbage haters should really try out this recipe. The cabbage is fried for so long that it resembles caramelized onion more than boiled cabbage. Austrian cuisine has got heavy influences from e.g. Hungary and Germany and this recipe is sometimes known as “Austrian cabbage and noodles”. […]

Ash-e anar, split pea and pomegranate soup (Persia)

Tweet Persian (or Iranian) dishes often feature fruits, either fresh and dried, spices and herbs, which suits me great. I’m a big fan of pomegranate, so ash-e anar found its way to my browser’s bookmarks as soon as I first heard about it. It is a split pea soup with herbs and pomegranate molasses (or […]

Welcome to Vegventures! Kaalilaatikko, or cabbage stew (Finland)

Tweet Welcome to Vegventures! We are going to start the journey from my “home country” of Finland (quotes because I’ve never felt at home here). Finland has a very bland and uninspiring cuisine heavily oriented around meat and potatoes. Besides the lack of veggies another downer is the scarcity of spices. Most dishes have just […]